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12th Grade Curriculum

Sr. English - Resources Online - Senior English has a many aspects of writing involved. Senior English is progressively organized so that each quarter builds upon the others.  It is based on these components: Examine and read different modes of discourse (description, narration, comparison) and rhetorical strategies (ethos, logos, pathos) Analyze different methods, styles and genres including the effectiveness of arguments Apply these methods by writing narratives, short stories and a research paper Senior English has a many aspects of writing involved.  The student will be required to write analytically and creatively.  They write based on research and their own experiences following the examples of some great writers like Maya Angelou and Martin Luther King.

Advanced Mathematics - Advanced Mathematics is made up of five instructional components: Introduction of the New Increment, Examples with complete Solutions, Practice of the Increment, Daily Problem Set, and Cumulative Tests. In Advanced Mathematics, topics from algebra, geometry, trigonometry, discrete mathematics, and mathematical analysis are interwoven to form a fully integrated text. A rigorous treatment of Euclidean geometry is also presented. Word problems are developed throughout the problem sets and become progressively more elaborate. With this practice, students will be able to solve challenging problems such as rate problems and work problems involving abstract quantities. The graphing calculator is used to graph functions and perform data analysis. Conceptually-oriented problems that prepare students for college entrance exams (such as the ACT and SAT) are included in the problem sets.

Advanced Mathematics includes such topics as:

  • permutations and combinations
  • trigonometric identities
  • inverse trigonometric functions
  • conic sections
  • graphs of sinusoids
  • rectangular and polar representation of complex numbers
  • De Moivre's theorem
  • matrices and determinants
  • the binomial theorem
  • the rational roots theorem

Physics - This text is for students of introductory physics, this text offers an overview of the discipline which focuses on concepts and critical thinking rather than number crunching. It presents physics in a straightforward language, using analogies and mental imagery based on real life situations. Mathematical formulae and calculations appear as a footnote on the page as a reference aid, and to help students see the connections between maths and science.

Calculus -Calculus is made up of four instructional components:

  • Introduction of the New Increment
  • Examples With Complete Solutions
  • Daily Problem Set
  • and Cumulative Tests.
Calculus covers all topics in the Advanced Placement Calculus AB and Calculus BC syllabi. The instruction takes full advantage of graphing calculators, using them for visual demonstrations of concepts and confirming calculations.

Calculus includes such topics as:

review of functions, review of trigonometry, limits, graphing calculators, derivatives, integrals, optimization problems, techniques of integration, polar functions, area between two curves, inverse functions, motion analysis, applications of integrals, and solids of revolution. 

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